Source code and slides were published -

  • 12.10.2020 tsharkVM VirtualBox image is available for download
  • 26.9.2020 json2pcap script was updated to enable easier pcap manipulation.
  • 4.6.2020 5GC_build is project to demonstrate how to use OpenAPI generators for 5GC_API
  • 9.1.2020
    • SigFW is supporting the Diameter security by implementing the GSMA DESS Phase1 (Diameter integrity protection) according to the latest changes in GSMA FS.19 document.
    • Additionally it is prototyping the DESS Phase2 (Diameter confidentiality and integrity protection) using DTLS sessions. Recently updated were the signatures for the DESS Phase2.
  • 28.8.2019 IANA registered the GSMA DESS extension for Diameter interconnect security. The SigFW code has been updated according to it.
  • 22.3.2019 SigFW master including now DTLS support for Diameter protocol prototyping the GSMA DESS (Diameter End-to-end Security Subgroup) protection method
  • 10.3.2019 SigFW v1.3-beta released. Multi-threaded, increased performance and included performance tests.