28.8.2019 IANA registered the GSMA DESS extension for Diameter interconnect security. The SigFW code has been updated according to it.

22.3.2019 SigFW master including now DTLS support for Diameter protocol prototyping the GSMA DESS protection method

4.3.2019 Planets Live Wallpaper Plus Android wallpaper released

10.3.2019 SigFW v1.3-beta released. Multi-threaded, increased performance and included performance tests.

15.2.2019 Starting with Wireshark 3.0.0rc1, TShark can generate an Elasticsearch mapping file by using the -G elastic-mapping option (see Analyzing Network Packets with Wireshark, Elasticsearch, and Kibana)

9.11.2018 SigFW v1.2-beta released

25.1.2018 SigFW v1.1-beta released

29.12.2017 Updates in Anomaly Detection repository (unsupervised learning added)

3.10.2017 Security Assessments Documentation android application published on Google Play

27.7.2017 Signalling Firewall published with P1 Security and released on the BlackHat USA 2017

30.8.2016 SS7 messages screening, filtering presentation

12.7.2016 SS7, Diameter, GTP Security presentation