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Bash commands provides lightweight example how to use tshark + Elasticsearch to perform simple pcap analytic using Docker images.

The document describes the methods and approach how to craft any protocol message which could be used to try to find vulnerabilities also in not common protocols. The precondition is to have some existing traffic capture (pcap) and that the protocol is dissected by the wireshark.

This document is providing selected steps and is presenting approaches which could be used to perform the security assessment effectively within the limited allocated time with Kali Linux.

How to perform analysis of the network capture (pcap) with the goal to detect anomalies, perform incident investigation or try to understand the network flow.

SS7 messages screening, filtering.pdf
Protecting Telecom Core Networks from SS7 Attacks.pdf

Example of Diameter client and usage of jDiameter java library.

Example of SS7 (Sigtran) client and usage of jSS7 java library.

Auditing Network Elements and deciding the audit strategy.

SS7, Diameter, GTP Security.pdf

Recommendations and selected security controls related to IT and Operation and Maintenance networks.

Where to start for organizations to address the security.